The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling

The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling

by Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman
September 2015, 204 pp.
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"The book is a compendium of hyper-realistic LEGO projects intended to stir your inner creative soul into experimenting on your own...we now desperately want for more LEGO."
Car and Driver

The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling is featured on Popular Mechanics!

"Even casual LEGO fans will enjoy gawking at all the pretty pictures in this book—again and again."

"The models are jaw dropping. This book is a treat."

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The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling displays amazing, fan-built LEGO recreations of real-life vehicles, showing off every amazing detail with high-quality photographs.

You'll love poring over dozens of models, including Formula 1 racers, construction vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes, and all kinds of trucks.

Authors Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman share their own impressive LEGO models as well as highlight models from builders around the world. The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling also includes tips and tricks that describe the design and building process.

Author Bio 

Dennis Glaasker has been building with LEGO since 1975. His Flickr pages showcasing his LEGO models average two million views per year. His work has been published in Beautiful LEGO (No Starch Press), Brickjournal, Truckstar, and Towtruck magazines.

Dennis Bosman's LEGO models have been published in Scania Inside and Truckstar.

Table of contents 

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"If scale models of vehicles built out of LEGO are your thing (and if not, why not?!), this is a title you definitely do not want to miss."
The Brothers Brick

"Beautifully and meticulously crafted...Whether you’re an avid LEGO builder, an enthusiast of large vehicles, or a casual admirer of either, Glaasker and Bosman’s book is for you."
The News Wheel

"The Art of Lego Scale Modeling brings together the most brilliant vehicle builders of the current generation. As a coffee table visual stimulant for any fan of LEGO, or even just for fans of vehicles and machines, it has set the bar beautifully high."
The LEGO Car Blog

"The authors have done an excellent job bringing some of the world’s best scale model builders all into one excellent book."
Brick Fanatics

"Positively packed with fantastic photographs of amazing builds...a fine addition to any library."

"Ideal inspiration for building projects."

"Nothing short of incredible."
Auto Field Guide

"The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling is an excellent and detailed builds will mesmerize anyone who reads it."
Car News Cafe

"A fantastic coffee table book. The imagination used in the construction is breathtaking."
Model Railway Express Magazine

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"Everyone will be inspired by the models showcased here. They offer inspiration to builders, young and old, and gorgeous eye-candy to non-LEGO readers as well."
Robin Sather, LEGO Certified Professional

"A fantastic look at the incredible work being done by hardcore LEGO enthusiasts as they create remarkably-detailed scale models of all manner of vehicle. One of my favorite books from this past year."
The Rock Father

"Your mind will be blown by these LEGO scale model creations. A 5-foot-long LEGO Peterbilt 379, anyone?"
Work Truck Review Magazine