Learn to Program with Small Basic Resources

About the Online Resources

Learn to Program with Small Basic includes many useful online resources, which you can download at the links below. As you read, open the Small Basic programs (.sb files) mentioned in each chapter to follow along with the examples. Whenever you solve a Programming Challenge or Try It Out exercise, you can check your answers with the files in the Book Programs and Solutions folder. Download the Extra Resources folder for review questions, helpful articles, and more practice exercises.

  • Book Programs and Solutions:  This folder contains the finished programs, all the images you’ll need, some skeleton code for the Programming Challenges, and the solutions to the Programming Challenges and Try It Out exercises.
  • Extra Resources: This folder contains a PDF file for each chapter that provides links to useful articles, and review questions and practice exercises to test your knowledge. You’ll also find a PDF of the solutions and program files for some of the practice exercises.