Learn to Program with Scratch Resources

About the Online Resources

Learn to Program with Scratch includes many useful online resources, which you can download at the links below.

As you read, open the Scratch scripts (.sb2 files) mentioned in each chapter to follow along with the examples. Whenever you solve a practice problem or Try It Out exercise, you can check your answers with the files in the Solutions folder. Learn even more about Scratch by reading the information about the Paint Editor, mathematical functions, and drawing geometric shapes in the Extra Resources folder. If you want to try out more guided examples, you’ll even find extra games and simulations to go along with several chapters in the Bonus Applications folder.

  • Chapter Scripts: This folder contains all the scripts mentioned in the book.
  • Solutions: This folder contains the solutions to all problems and Try It Out exercises (where applicable) in the book.
  • Extra Resources: This folder contains three PDF files that provide more in-depth information on the Paint Editor, Scratch's mathematical functions, and drawing geometric shapes.
  • Bonus Applications: This folder contains bonus Scratch applications that you can study on your own. The file Bonus Applications.pdf walks you through them with detailed explanations.

How to Open .sb2 Project Files in Scratch

Open your browser and go to the Scratch website. If you have an account, click "Sign In" and enter your credentials to log on. (That will let you save your work, but you can still use Scratch even without an account!)

Click "Create" to open the Scratch programming environment. From there, click "File" followed by "Upload from your computer." Go to the folder where you extracted the contents of the Chapter_Scripts.zip file, and select the script you'd like to open. When asked, "Replace contents of the current project?" click OK.

You should now be able to edit your Scratch project!