Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Resources

Chapter 1
Page 14, Common Python error messages:

Chapter 5
Page 117, Complete source code for tic-tac-toe:

Chapter 7
Page 165, Bitwise operators:

Chapter 11
Page 246, CSS selector tutorials:

Chapter 14
Page 328, Example of JSON APIs:

Chapter 15
Page 349, Beginner’s tutorial on multithreaded programming:

Page 355 and 359, Scheduler tutorials:

Page 360, List of web comics:

Chapter 16
Page 365, Setting up application-specific passwords for Google accounts:

Page 372, Advanced searching in Gmail:

Page 382, Twilio status messages:

Page 382, Receiving text messages with Twilio:

Page 386, Controlling your computer through email project: See

Chapter 17
Page 389, RGB color values:

Chapter 18
Page 431, Generic web form:

Page 439, Building a Python bot that plays web games:

Appendix C
Page 447, List of websites with programming practice problems: