The LEGO Animation Book Resources

LEGO Animation Community Sites

The community of people who make LEGO animations (brickfilms) is diverse and international. Here are a few sites where you can connect with other brickfilmers to celebrate the artform.

  • The Set Bump - A blog run by David Pagano and David Pickett (authors of The LEGO Animation Book) that highlights the best animations made using LEGO bricks. We also share brickfilming news, previews, and behind-the-scenes features.
  • Bricks in Motion - A forum where brickfilmers can gather to discuss their work. This is a great place to get feedback on your films and find other animators to collaborate with. Bricks in Motion hosts several annual brickfilming contests.
  • The Brickfilmers Guild - A website that highlights brickfilmers through a blog, podcast, monthly member spotlights and an annual contest.
  • Brick a Brack - French brickfilming forum
  • Brickboard - German brickfilming forum and blog
  • Minifigure Motion - Brickfilming blog
  • Brickfilms Subreddit - Brickfilming forum

LEGO Animation Festivals & Contests

Put your skills to the test with a brickfilm contest! The race to finish in time while staying within contest guidelines can spark new and unexpected ideas. Some film festivals even put brickfilms on the big screen in a movie theater.

  • Bricks in Motion Contests - Bricks in Motion hosts several online brickfilming contests every year including: the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest (THAC), Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long (BRAWL), the Bricks in Motion Awards, and a themed Summer Contest.
  • Brickfilmers Guild Film Festival - Annual online brickfilm festival
  • LEGO Rebrick - Platform for official LEGO-sponsored contests, occasionally has brickfilming contests
  • LEGO on Tongal - Platform for official LEGO-sponsored contests with cash prizes
  • Brickworld Film Festival - Brickfilm festival run by David Pagano and David Pickett at Brickworld Chicago
  • Ciné Brique - Brickfilm festival and LEGO fan convention in Canada
  • Cine Brick - Brickfilm festival in Portugal
  • Steinerei - Brickfilm festival in Germany

Royalty-Free Sound Resources

Finding good sound effects and music for your brickfilm can be tricky. Here are a few sites that provide royalty-free music and sound effects. Be sure to read and understand the licenses and terms at each website before you use them.

This list was last updated on October 13, 2016. If there’s a great brickfilming resource you think we should add, let us know!