Robots for Kids cover

Robots for Kids

by Randy Sarafan
July 2020, 200 pp.

Robots for Kids is a fun, coding-free beginner's guide to basic robotics. The book's 14 simple and entertaining robots can all be built using only common materials, basic tools, and some basic electronic components. Readers will use dryer lint brushes and plumbing flange repair rings to make a street sweeper-like bot that buffs the floors as it moves; build a rolling barrel robot using a paint can and servo motor; make a sail bot from a utensil holder and plastic sheet that changes direction when activated by wind; and much more!

  • Robots are built from easy to find, low cost, everyday items Great addition to any STEM curriculum
  • No coding required
  • Teaches principles of robotics
    Not product specific. Should sell for years
Author Bio 

Randy Sarafan has spent 12 years at, a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects with tens of millions of visitors per year. Sarafan has written over 300 how-to articles on topics ranging from giant rideable robots to chamomile ice cream. Sarafan received the Maker Faire Education award in 2011 for his "Simple Bots" and was chosen to be shown at The Tech Museum of Innovation "Best of Maker Faire" exhibition.