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The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra—New from No Starch Press
Cartoon Guide Tackles Difficult Math Subject

The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra
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San Francisco, CA, May 23, 2012—With acclaimed titles like The Manga Guide to Physics and The Manga Guide to Calculus, the best-selling Manga Guide series from No Starch Press is changing the way students think about math and science. By combining real mathematical content with authentic Japanese manga, the Manga Guides take the sting out of learning complex topics.

The latest in the series, The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra (No Starch Press, May 2012, 264 pp., $24.95, ISBN 9781593274139), helps math and computer science students wrap their brains around a tricky required course—linear algebra. The book uses the story of a university student and her tutor (a wannabe karate champ) to keep readers engaged while they learn the fundamental concepts of linear algebra.

"The Manga Guides work," says No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock. "One mother told me that her daughter with dyslexia improved her Physics grade from a C to an A, all due to The Manga Guide to Physics. It's gratifying to give students that leg up, and we're pleased to continue offering more Manga Guides to our readers."

For more information or to request a review copy of The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra, contact Jessica Miller at No Starch Press ([email protected], +1.415.863.9900, x110) or visit

Sample spread from The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra:

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About the Author

Shin Takahashi was born in 1972 in Niigata. He received a master's degree from Kyushu Institute of Design (known as Kyushu University today). Having previously worked both as an analyst and as a seminar leader, he is now an author specializing in technical literature.

Trend-Pro Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of Ad-Manga—advertising using Manga—in Japan. The company has produced over 1,700 Ad-Manga for over 700 clients, including many well-known public companies and government agencies. The company has over 100 registered professional Manga artists.

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Chapter 2, "The Fundamentals" (PDF)
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The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra
Publisher: No Starch Press
By Shin Takahashi
ISBN: 9781593274139, $24.95  
May 2012, 264 pp.
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