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Make Your Own Twine Games

A kid-friendly introduction to computer game design


Book CoverSan Francisco, CA (April 25, 2019)Twine is a free online tool that lets anyone new to programming create their own interactive, story-based adventure games in a web page. Make Your Own Twine Games ($17.95, 104 pp.) is a playful, kid-friendly introduction that shows readers how to design interactive fiction games with Twine while teaching elementary programming concepts along the way.


Game designer Anna Anthropy guides readers through each stage of the game development process using full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Readers will learn how to write scripts and create interactive games that remember and respond to player choices, as well as how to test their game, export it, and publish it online.

Readers will also learn how to:


  • Write stories that follow multiple paths using hyperlinks
  • Create variables to track their player’s actions
  • Add conditional logic like “if” and “else” to decide when gaming events should happen
  • Use hooks to add fancy touches like text effects, pictures, and sound


Packed with fun examples, Make Your Own Twine Games! will take beginning game developers from story-teller to game designer fast!




Author Bios


Anna Anthropy is a video game creator and game historian. She is the author of Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, a guide to game design that encourages aspiring developers from all backgrounds to create games and contribute their unique voice to the video game industry. Her most recent book, ZZT, explores a shareware game from the early ’90s and its lasting impact on developers everywhere.



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