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Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi

A guide to building robots with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer


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San Francisco, CA (January 29, 2019)Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi ($24.95, 200 pp., January 2019) brings beginners into robotics by focusing its robot-building projects around a $35 credit card-size Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

The book�s 19 year-old author, Matt Timmons-Brown, is also the creator of the world�s most popular Raspberry Pi YouTube channel (over 5 million views). He shows readers how to program their own complex robot from scratch while introducing them to computer science basics, electronics, and Python programming. Readers build a sophisticated two-wheeled robot that they customize, adding the ability to follow lines, see the world through sensors, and avoid obstacles. Detailed chapters on electronics basics help inexperienced makers quickly gain their footing in the robotics world.

Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi provides a gentle introduction to this exciting field, building up from the simplest input and output examples to a robot which incorporates wireless control.�

�Eben Upton, Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Readers also learn how to:

  • Build and manipulate electronics components like lights, sensors, and motors
  • Design and assemble a robot frame with motors, a breadboard, and wiring
  • Control their robot�s movements using the Python programming language
  • Implement obstacle detection sensors so the robot avoids hazards
  • Make their robot stand out from the crowd with speakers and lights effects
  • Allow their robot to see the environment with computer vision

This guide to robotics promises to take readers from inexperienced makers to robot builders in a fun and affordable way. Now available in fine bookstores everywhere.





Author Bio

Matt Timmons-Brown is the creator of the world�s most-popular Raspberry Pi YouTube channel. His channel, The Raspberry Pi Guy hosts Raspberry Pi tutorials, videos, and other educational materials and is directly supported by ARM and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Timmons-Brown is currently a student in Computer Science and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh.


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