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The LEGO Zoo

Designs for 50 easy-to-build animals


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San Francisco, CA (February 21, 2019)�The LEGO Zoo ($19.95, 208 pp., ages 5+) contains instructions for building 50 simple animals like tigers, scorpions, octopuses, and more. Kids will learn fun facts about each animal along the way, and projects are ordered by level of difficulty.

Praised as �Perfect for young readers� (Brickset) and �Engaging and entertaining for a younger audience� (Brickpals), each project includes easy-to-follow instructions that use common LEGO pieces. An educational fact accompanies every animal to help kids learn while they build.

The LEGO Zoo is packed with simple projects for kids to build, but the whole family will want in on the fun!

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About the Author

Jody Padulano is an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) born and raised in Rome. Padulano is a computer engineer who divides his time between work and his true passion: LEGO! As an active member of Italian LEGO communities such as ItLug and RomaBrick, Padulano has exhibited his works throughout Italy and abroad.

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