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The LEGO� Neighborhood Book 2

Ideas and inspiration to build a LEGO city



San Francisco, CA (February 19, 2019)�Like its bestselling first volume, The LEGO Neighborhood Book 2 ($19.95, 192 pp., ages 10+) is a full-color guide to designing detailed, lifelike LEGO neighborhoods. Readers can browse the image gallery for inspiration and follow step-by-step instructions to create nine different embellishments like a piano, a window, and a soda machine, and learn to create realistic parks, towns, factories, shops, and even a wild west look. The book also provides tips for combining individual buildings to create a block, a town, or even an entire city.

Detailed photos show how to outfit buildings with balconies, ornate roofs, and gardens, fill interiors with mini builds like a couch and a display cabinet, and add more realistic touches like sidewalks, lamp posts, and mailboxes.

Sample builds include:

  • Cafes and corner stores
  • A Caribbean restaurant, an Italianate row house, and an ice cream shop
  • An art museum, an embassy, and a war memorial

Readers will find endless ideas for creating their own unique LEGO communities in this inspiring second volume.

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About the Author

Brian Lyles is a professional videographer who runs Brick City Depot, an online repository of detailed LEGO architecture building instructions. When not running Brick City Depot with his brother Brian, Jason Lyles works as a software developer.


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