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LEGO� Micro Cities

New book shows LEGO fans how to build tiny cities in microscale


Book Cover

San Francisco, CA (December 20, 2018)�In LEGO� Micro Cities ($24.95, 200 pp.), photographer and LEGO model-building expert Jeff Friesen shows readers how to build small, realistic cities in microscale, a technique that allows LEGO builders to use only a very small number of bricks to create detailed designs on a board the size of a sandwich.

Friesen�s book combines striking photography, architectural context, and illustrated instructions for each of the book�s eight micro city projects. The book begins with microscale basics and helpful tips for adding realism to rivers, subway stations, and the natural ground beneath a city. The surreal beauty and sophisticated simplicity of Friesen�s photographs demonstrate how readers can resourcefully match a limited color palette and number of bricks to construct imaginative skyscrapers, bridges, and roads. The Finishing Touch section at the end of the book takes readers into ways to transform each city into streamlined elegance.  

Friesen�s models display both futuristic fantasy and the influence of architectural movements and iconic buildings found in real cities. Some of the city models include:

  • Utopia, a city inspired by architect Zaha Hadid�s style of natural curves
  • Tomorrowland�s retrofuturist style and geometric shapes that give the illusion of motion
  • Upper Brick Side, which parallels the urban scene around New York�s Central Park
  • Strange New Worlds and its towering spires influenced by science fiction
  • Gilded City with an opulent style matching powerful river capitals across the world
  • Steamworks, an Industrial Age city of chimneys, windmills, and gears    

 LEGO Micro Cities� stunning graphics and simple instructions take readers on a tour through their imaginations, leaving them ready to create cities all their own.


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About the Author

Jeff Friesen is a renowned photographer and LEGO enthusiast whose work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. In 2017, he was awarded the Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year. He posts his popular LEGO photography on Instagram (@jeff_works) and his photography can be found at


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