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The LEGO� Architecture Idea Book

Building techniques for the freeform LEGO builder


Book Cover
San Francisco, CA (December 21, 2018)The LEGO Architecture Idea Book ($24.95, 232 pp.) is a visual dictionary of 1001 inventive architectural elements and freeform building techniques that LEGO builders can incorporate into their own designs.

Inspired by real-world architecture styles as well as fan-built creations, renowned large-scale LEGO builder Alice Finch takes readers through the foundations of structural design. The LEGO Architecture Idea Book introduces architectural elements from across the ages with instructions that show how to imitate detailing found in real buildings. Readers learn through diagrams and color-coded How-To boxes strategies for using a variety of LEGO bricks to create architectural accuracy. Each section includes variations on single elements like doors, windows, and roofs, leaving room for readers to improvise and add their own take. 

Full-color photos demonstrate how to add detailing like:

  • Romanesque and Gothic ornamental windows
  • Majestic domes, Corinthian columns, and minarets
  • Patterned exterior walls with masonry texture, herringbone tiling, and geometric designs
  • Intricate brickwork, timber framing, and decorative molding

�Once you start browsing this book, you�ll start looking at the architecture around you and see how you�d recreate it in LEGO bricks,� said author Alice Finch.

The LEGO Architecture Idea Book�s catalog of architectural elements will inspire readers to use both realism and their imagination as they experiment with their freeform creations.


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About the Author

Alice Finch is a renowned LEGO builder whose creations include large-scale models of Hogwarts Castle and Rivendell. Her work has been featured on NPR, in the documentary A LEGO Brickumentary, and in The Huffington Post, WIRED, and The Seattle Times.


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