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Contact: Katie Haemmerle
Marketing Associate

New LEGO books from No Starch Press — just in time for the holidays!

The LEGO Architecture Idea Book ($24.95, 232 pp., October 2018).
1001 inventive ideas for builders to incorporate into their architectural designs.

LEGO Micro Cities ($24.95, 200 pp., October 2018).

Readers recreate classic architectural styles using LEGO microscale.




The LEGO Neighborhood Book 2 ($19.95, 192 pp., November 2018).
A full-color guide to designing detailed, lifelike LEGO neighborhoods.


The LEGO BOOST Idea Book ($24.95, 264 pp., September 2018).

95 inventive LEGO Boost robotics models for readers to customize and adapt.




The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book 2 ($19.95, 220 pp., October 2018).
Step-by-step building instructions for 16 detailed LEGO ornament designs.


The LEGO Zoo ($19.95, 208 pp., November 2018).
50 easy-to-build LEGO animals.


For a review copy or spreads of the new LEGO books or to schedule an interview with any of the authors, contact
Katie Haemmerle at No Starch Press.


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