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The Computer Science Activity Book

New book uses pen and paper to explore the world of coding


Book Cover

San Francisco, CA (December 13, 2018)�No Starch Press is excited to announce the release of The Computer Science Activity Book ($8.95, 32 pp.). This coloring book-like collection gives aspiring programmers a taste of computer science through a collection of hands-on activities that are perfect for a rainy day, student work in the classroom, after-school computer clubs, or similar groups that teach computer skills.

As readers work through this simple beginners� book, they  encounter charming, hand-drawn illustrations, vocabulary exercises, and fun puzzles that introduce a range of computer science terms and some of the historical figures behind the development of computers.

 Activities include:

  • A crossword puzzle that lets readers learn the definitions of data types
  • A word search that challenges readers to find key programming terms
  • Fill-in the blank exercises that teach basic concepts such as the parts that make up a computer and what would go in cloud storage
  • A word scramble to decode a cipher message and learn facts about the World War II era computer called the enigma machine

 The Computer Science Activity Book is sure to give curious beginners a simple introduction to some basic computer science concepts that form the foundation of a STEAM education and inspire readers to take the next step into the world of computer science.


For a review copy or color spreads of The Computer Science Activity Book or to schedule an interview with the authors, contact Katie Haemmerle at No Starch Press.



Author Bio

Christine Liu and Tera Johnson are the co-founders of the art collective, Two Photon Art. Together, they have created several zines and continue to explore the medium as a way to inform a general audience about science.

Christine Liu is currently a Neuroscience Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley.

Tera Johnson currently works at EcoAdapt, an environmental non-profit providing support for climate change adaptation.


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