Scratch Cards for micro:bit

Scratch Cards for micro:bit

by Melissa Unger
June 2020, 90 cards
Full Color, Box Set
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The micro:bit is a handheld, mini-computer that allows you to control and interact with coding projects built with the Scratch programming language. As kids work through this colorful 90-card deck they gain a deeper understanding of core programming concepts and see first-hand how the micro:bit can let them do more with Scratch. They learn how to to use Scratch to snap together programming blocks that will turn their micro:bit into a stopwatch, a fortune teller, a musical instrument, and even a voting machine!

The Scratch Cards for micro:bit combines two landmark beginning programming tools: the wildly popular Scratch programming language and the micro:bit hardware. Kids learn how to use Scratch and the micro:bit to design interactive art and stories, create their own game controllers, and make wearable technology pieces.

Covers Scratch 3.0

Author Bio 

Melissa Unger is an elementary school teacher focused on teaching coding and computational thinking in her classroom. She works with young students to design and bring their ideas to life, while also training other educators on coding practices and STEAM Learning.