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My New iPad—New from No Starch Press
A simple user's guide to the iPad

My New iPad San Francisco, CA, June 10, 2010—Apple calls the iPad a "magical and revolutionary product," and it certainly is. It's cute, lovable, and fun to play with, but it's also a bit mysterious. As with all Apple products, the iPad's basics are easy to understand, but many of its best features are well beyond the basics, and many users will look for guidance to get the most out of their new toy.

In My New™ iPad (No Starch Press, June 2010, 368 pp., $24.95, ISBN 9781593272753), Wallace Wang, bestselling author of My New Mac and My New iPhone, shows readers how to do useful and entertaining things with their iPad—like surf the Internet, send email, listen to music, take notes, read ebooks, and play with photos. As a simple user's guide, My New iPad doesn't drag readers through pointless details. Instead, as with the other titles in the My New series from No Starch Press, Wang takes readers step-by-step through the iPad's many useful features, making it easy for them to pick and chose which tasks they want to learn how to accomplish, and when.

"Unlike other types of computers, the iPad can appeal equally to both experienced computer users and novices," said author Wallace Wang. "The iPad isn't just a new type of computer; it's a new paradigm in computing devices, and My New iPad will help both beginners and computer veterans painlessly learn the basics of their iPad so they can start having fun and being productive right away."

In My New iPad, readers learn how to:

The iPad can do hundreds of amazing things. Readers who want to get more out of this elegant and powerful device need look no further than My New iPad.

For more information or to request a review copy of My New iPad, contact Travis Peterson at No Starch Press ([email protected], +1.415.863.9900, x300), or visit www.nostarch.com.

About the Author
Wallace Wang is the author of several best-selling computer books, including My New Mac, My New iPhone, and Steal ThisComputer Book (all No Starch Press). He is also a successful standup comic who has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Praise for the My New Series:
"Highly recommended for newbies and switchers."

"Wallace Wang has hit the nail on the head . . . some people just learn better and faster by doing projects rather than trying to stay awake doing tedious lessons."

"An excellent book for the novice to intermediate Mac user."

"My New iPhone is packed with delicious tricks and tips for newbies."

"The approach to this book is really quite brilliant."

Additional Resources
Chapter 38: "Transferring and Editing Microsoft Office Documents" (PDF)
Table of contents overview
Detailed table of contents (PDF)
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My New iPad My New iPad: A User's Guide
by Wallace Wang
June 2010, 368 pp
ISBN 9781593272753, $24.95 USD
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