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iOS Application Security
The Definitive Guide for Hackers and Developers

iOS Application Security

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San Francisco, CA (February 2, 2016)—More than half a billion people trust iOS apps with their personal information every day, but security flaws in some applications have allowed for the exposure of sensitive data, circumvention of authentication mechanics, and abuse of user privacy.

A new book from No Starch Press, iOS Application Security ($49.95, 296 pp., Feb. 2016), aims to address these issues by educating developers and security specialists about the common ways iOS applications sometimes fail to protect users and how to identify, fix, and avoid security flaws.

According to Alex Stamos, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer: “This book contains the most thorough and thoughtful treatment of iOS security that you can find today. Any iOS developer who cares about their customers should use it to guide their product, architecture, and engineering decisions and to learn from the mistakes that David Thiel has spent his career finding and fixing.”

iOS Application Security teaches developers how to build secure applications from the ground up by covering the structure and limitations of the iOS security model, the ways local storage mechanisms can leak sensitive information, and how to successfully encrypt data with the Keychain, the Data Protection API, and CommonCrypto. Following a primer on Objective-C and various mobile security threats, readers learn how to avoid programming flaws and implement protective measures as well as how to use white-box and black-box security testing methods to test their own applications and analyze for vulnerabilities. They’ll also learn how to build a test platform and debug their applications using lldb, Instruments, Hopper, and other third-party analysis tools.

No developer wants their app’s security flaw or information leak to become an embarrassing headline. iOS Application Security is an invaluable resource for those looking to build secure apps or to expose security threats before they become a problem.

iOS Application Security is available now online and in fine bookstores everywhere.


About the Author

David Thiel has 20 years of computer security experience, with expertise in penetration testing and iOS application security. His research and book Mobile Application Security (McGraw-Hill) helped launch the field of iOS application security, and he has presented his work at security conferences like Black Hat and DEF CON. He is currently a security enginner for the Facebook Connectivity Lab.

iOS Application Security iOS Application Security
Publisher: No Starch Press
Author: David Thiel
ISBN: 978-1-59327-601-0 (print)
Price: $49.95
Publication Date: February 2016
Specs: 296 pp.
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