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Python Crash Course, 2nd edition

The second edition of world's best-selling Python book released!



San Francisco, CA (April 9, 2019)—Python is a powerful and versatile programming language designed for both complete beginners and experienced programmers. For many people, a working knowledge of Python is a ticket to job advancement or a new career, and they want to start writing real Python programs fast. For those readers, No Starch Press is excited to announce the second edition of the world's best-selling introduction to Python programming: Python Crash Course.

With over 500,000 copies sold worldwide, this is a complete introduction to Python programming. This thoroughly updated second edition of Python Crash Course ($39.95, 544 pp., May 7, 2019) promises to continue to make a difference for hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide.


As with the first edition, the first 200 or so page of the book begins by explaining essential programming concepts like variables, lists, dictionaries, and other core Python concepts. The explanations are pithy and fast-paced but always clear, and are accompanied by exercises designed to engage readers, whether self-learners or students.


Part two of the book puts the learning into practice with three substantial, real-world projects: a Space Invaders-inspired arcade game, data visualizations, and a web app. The goal is to teach readers how to solve problems with Python. Why? Because programming is about problem solving, not memorizing coding syntax—just as writing is about putting together paragraphs not about memorizing the dictionary.


This second edition of the best-selling introduction to Python has been completely revised to cover the latest version of Python and to use newer tools and packages


Readers of this fast-paced and complete course will learn how to:


                     Use powerful Python libraries and tools, including Pygame, matplotlib, Plotly, and Django

                     Explore data mining and generate interactive visualizations with data sets

                     Make and customize 2D games and web apps


The second edition of Python Crash Course is suitable for any first time Python learner, whether they've never coded before or they're an experienced programmer who simply wants to add Python to their list of languages.


Python Crash Course is available now in fine bookstores everywhere.





Author Bio


Eric Matthes is a high school science, math, and programming teacher living in Alaska. He has been writing programs since he was five years old and is the author of the Python Flash Cards, also from No Starch Press.



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