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Mission Python
A space adventure themed beginner�s guide to coding
Book Cover
San Francisco, CA (October 30, 2018)Mission Python ($29.95, 280 pp., October 2018), a new book from No Starch Press, opens up new frontiers in Python programming by showing readers how to build and customize a 3D adventure game. With its space adventure theme, this book promises to motivate the budding young programmer (aged 11+) to explore key Python concepts and combine them in an engaging programming project.
The adventure unfolds with readers as trainee astronauts embarking on a mission to build a Mars-based space station. As they code their game, readers learn to:
  • Design a spacewalk simulator
  • Customize game maps and code challenging puzzles 
  • Add hazards like drones, rogue robots, and toxic spills
  • Store data in dictionaries for the mission equipment and tools
  • Integrate graphics, sound effects, and animations
Sean McManus, author of numerous coding books for kids, takes readers through the process of building the game with extensive code examples and patient explanations. All the listings are available for download, together with the art and sound effects required to build the game. The book covers Python basics like loops, dictionaries, and lists with exercises that encourage readers to synthesize what they�ve learned and test their programs. As they dissect and code the game themselves, readers develop a clear understanding of how the game works, so they can customize it with their own names, room designs, and puzzles.
"There are a lot of Python books out there, but they tend to have short code examples, with limited impact," says author Sean McManus. "This book is for readers who want to sink their teeth into a really cool Python project and get under the skin of how an adventure game works. Readers can customize the game and even just hack the text descriptions. It's a great playground for budding coders."
With the promise of building a working space adventure game to share with their friends, Mission Python is a fun way for beginning programmers to get started in the world of programming. 
The software required (Python and Pygame Zero) is available free of charge and the book explains how to install it and use it on the Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Windows.
Author Bio
Sean McManus is an experienced computer book author, with extensive experience in writing coding books for children. His children's titles include Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps, Scratch Programming in Easy Steps, and Super Skills: How To Code in 10 Easy Lessons. He co-wrote Raspberry Pi For Dummies with Mike Cook. Sean has been a Code Club volunteer, helping junior school children to learn programming in weekly sessions. Visit his website at
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