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The Manga Guide to Cryptography

Decode the mysteries of cryptography with latest in the Manga Guide series

San Francisco, CA (August 23, 2018)The latest installment in the popular Manga Guide series takes on the art of encryption and decryption in The Manga Guide to Cryptography ($24.95, 248 pp., July 2018). Known for making difficult topics like calculus, physics, and molecular biology more accessible, the Manga Guides have helped over half a million readers master the core concepts of many STEM fields. Readers will feel at ease as they work through key concepts playfully with real Japanese manga.           
In The Manga Guide to Cryptography, readers are taught the basics of ciphers and classic encryption methods. They solve common mathematical equations, discover the basics of information security, and learn:
  • The foundations of encryption, like the Caesar and Vernam ciphers
  • How substitution ciphers, public-key cryptography, and digital signatures work
  • How the data encryption standard (DES) works
  • How to encrypt messages with hash functions, message authentication codes (MACs), and public key infrastructures (PKIs)
This wonderfully illustrated guide is perfect for visual learners and math and computer science students. It breaks down difficult math concepts and offers practical applications for use in every-day life.
About the Manga Guides
The Manga Guides are co-published with Japanese-based Ohmsha Ltd. Each title in the manga series is the product of the combined work of a manga illustrator, scenario writer, and technical expert whose efforts ensure the authenticity and accuracy that readers deserve.
Take a look inside The Manga Guide to Cryptography:
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About Ohmsha
Founded in 1914, Ohmsha is a science and engineering book publisher based in Tokyo, Japan.

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