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'Geek' Publishing House Offers Books for Bitcoins
The future arrives early for patrons of No Starch Press

San Francisco, CA, May 15, 2013—It may have been invented by geeks, for geeks, but Bitcoin is getting enough global traction to revolutionize e-commerce for everyone. The peer-to-peer crypto-currency's appeal is clear: Bitcoin offers anonymity, security, freedom from a central authority, and it's the closest thing there is to private, digital cash. The only problem? Strikingly few places to actually spend it.

Until now., a new electronic bookstore, just opened its doors to Bitcoin users, lining its virtual shelves with No Starch ebooks. We partnered with Cointagion's founder, Conrad Barski—author of the best-selling programming book, Land of Lisp—in order to offer readers a place to spend their cyber money on something actually valuable: informative content.

For Barski, launching a Bitcoin-based website full of our ebooks was a no-brainer. "No Starch has been on the forefront of online shopping for years," he says. "They're one of the few publishers to take a stand and sell ebooks without DRM, which has given them a great reputation among the tech community and readers in general. We're lucky to have them as a partner. Together, we're taking their existing e-commerce innovations to the next level."

For No Starch, the Bitcoin collaboration comes down to listening to our readership and responding.

"Our readers have been encouraging us to accept Bitcoin for months, and I'm glad we finally have a quick, simple way for them to buy our books with it," says No Starch founder Bill Pollock. As many readers know, Pollock is an established fixture in the hacker community and a longtime champion of electronic privacy rights, always taking pleasure in sticking his neck out for the tech crowd. "We simply strive to give our customers what they want," he adds.

With more than 11 million Bitcoins in circulation and a total value that recently surpassed $1 billion, this cryptographic monetary system is not a fad—it's the future. But for patrons of No Starch Press, now the money of tomorrow can be spent today.

For more information, contact Jessica Miller at No Starch Press ([email protected], +1.415.830.3899).

How to Get Started with Bitcoin

  1. Go to and choose a wallet to install on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Once a wallet is installed, your Bitcoin address will be generated, linking you to the Bitcoin network.
  3. Obtain Bitcoins via a currency exchange site, such as Mt.Gox, or trade with others at
  4. Spend your Bitcoins.

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