Python Playground

Python Playground

Geeky Projects for the Curious Programmer
by Mahesh Venkitachalam
October 2015, 352 pp.

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Python is a powerful programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to play with. But once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, what do you do next?

Python Playground is a collection of imaginative programming projects that will inspire you to use Python to make art and music, build simulations of real-world phenomena, and interact with hardware like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You’ll learn to use common Python tools and libraries like numpy, matplotlib, and pygame to do things like:

  • Generate Spirograph-like patterns using parametric equations and the turtle module
  • Create music on your computer by simulating frequency overtones
  • Translate graphical images into ASCII art
  • Write an autostereogram program that produces 3D images hidden beneath random patterns
  • Make realistic animations with OpenGL shaders by exploring particle systems, transparency, and billboarding techniques
  • Construct 3D visualizations using data from CT and MRI scans
  • Build a laser show that responds to music by hooking up your computer to an Arduino

Programming shouldn’t be a chore. Have some solid, geeky fun with Python Playground.

The projects in this book are compatible with both Python 2 and 3.

Author Bio 

Mahesh Venkitachalam is a software engineer with two decades of programming experience. He has nurtured a passion for technology since the eighth grade, which he channels into his popular electronics and programming blog,

Table of contents 

Part 1: Warming Up

Chapter 1: Parsing iTunes Playlists
Chapter 2: Spirographs

Part 2: Simulating Life

Chapter 3: Conway’s Game of Life
Chapter 4: Generating Musical Overtones with the Karplus-Strong Algorithm
Chapter 5: Boids: Simulating a Flock

Part 3: Fun with Images

Chapter 6: ASCII Art
Chapter 7: Photomosaics
Chapter 8: Autostereograms

Part 4: Enter 3D

Chapter 9: Understanding OpenGL
Chapter 10: Particle Systems
Chapter 11: Volume Rendering

Part 5: Hardware Hacking

Chapter 12: Introduction to Arduino
Chapter 13: Laser Audio Display
Chapter 14: A Raspberry Pi–based Weather Monitor

Appendix A: Software Installation
Appendix B: Basic Practical Electronics
Appendix C: Raspberry Pi Tips & Tricks

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"If you want to become adept at doing clever things with Python, I doubt you'll find a better group of projects or more useful help for understanding how the language works."
IT World

"This is a book that belongs in every Python programmer's library."
Full Circle Magazine

"Packed with interesting projects."

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"Python Playground targets programmers that want to further improve their skills and knowledge of the language. The book does a good job at explaining all relevant details and makes sure that readers get a clear pictures of what is going on."


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