Algorithms Illustrated

Algorithms Illustrated

A Visual Guide to 26 Algorithms
by Moriteru Ishida and Shuichi Miyazaki
(Postponed), 208 pp.
Full Color
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An illustrated guide to computer algorithms for students and experienced programmers. Learn how to manipulate arrays, what steps you need to go through to write a k-clustering algorithm, and how public key cryptography works. Each algorithm is broken down into step-by-step diagrams with helpful descriptions. This book is perfect for the visual learner.

Author Bio 

Moriteru Ishida is an alumni of the Okabe lab at Kyoto University in the Graduate School of Informatics, where he was researching how to find 0-day attacks using IDS (iterative deepening search) algorithms.

Shuichi Miyazaki is an associate professor at Kyoto University where he teaches an introductory class on algorithms.